Deluxe Parties

Our most luxurious package receive 3 heavenly treatments each. A choice of 14+ treatments including luxury pedicures, full body massage...

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Diva Teen Queens

Girls have fun getting nails and makeup professionally done. Nails filed and polished, foundation, glam eyes, blusher, lip colour or a gloss.

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Mum and Daughter

A great way to spend quality time together and receive facials, massages, pedicure with polish, gel polish on fingers, hand and arm massage.

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Ladies Regular

2 treatments & a full hour of pampering each. A choice of 9+ treatments including full body massage, manicure, gel varnish, eybrow wax...

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Special Event

Have a professional makeover before you go out - nails, makeup & hair. Includes file and polish on toes and fingers, makeup applied, hair styled.

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Little Ladies

Girls have fun with makeup, nails, fairy dust on cheeks, sparkly eyes and lips, sparkly rhinestones, goodie bags and the option of hair styled.

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The skin is the largest organ of the body and often represents our inner health

Good skin care is essential if you want to optimise your looks.  Here are some useful tips on looking after your skin

1.  Always use sun lotion - we only need to expose our skin to 15 mins per day to make enough vitamin D after which we are in danger of skin damage.  UVA &UVB rays damage the skin causing premature aging and damage to the skins dna which can cause cancer.  It’s recomended to use a factor 30+ on the face, neck and upper chest.

2.  Stop Smoking & Drinking Alcohol -  Smoking constricts blood vessels thus slowing down the passage of nutrient and oxygen rich blood to feed the skin.  It also breaks down collagen amoungst the various other life threatening problems associated with smoking.  Alcohol not only causes dehydration but it also expands blood vessels causing redness and enlarged pores.

3.  Drink Water - it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day as I minimum.  With the human body being 60% water it is essential to keep well hydrated to keep the body functioning properly.

4.  Wash Once Per Day - whilst its important to remove nasty bacteria from the skin too much cleansing will remove the protective layer of oils so once maximum twice per day is enough.

5.  Use Soap Subsitutes - soaps can be very drying to the skin and dry skin causes the blood vessels to constrict thus compounding the problem.  There are many alternative lotions and bars to use which are much kinder to the skin.

6.  Use Natural Moisturisers - many over the counter skin creams contain chemicals which can causes irritation and unpleasant reactions to the skin so try using organic, naturally made products or things such as coconut oils and aloe Vera.

7.   Keep Your Skin Looking Younger - if aging skin is of concern I recommend the use of a vitamin c cream of 20%+  every other night alternating with a retinol cream starting at 0.25 and working up to 1%.  Apply these from the forehead to the throat and even the chest area.

8.  Pamper Yourself - it’s the end of summer and you might have spent a lot of your time chasing around the kids or grandchildren so with winter around the corner it’s time to think about cosy nights in.  Why not book yourself a girlie night in and have an evening of pampering?  We’ve many different packages available for a wonderful home spa experience.  Indulge in a heavenly facial, relaxing massage or the ultimate luxury pedicure to name just a few of our pamper party treats.

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Helpful hints when organising a Kids Pamper Party

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"I have know Fiona for many years and in this time she has done many treatments on me from waxing to my nails. I have recommended her to many people over the years who have also been very impressed with her work. I would go so far as to say her work is outstanding."

Fiona house

 “The girls were great!  Catered for everyone’s needs and provided professional services for all the treatments.. they provided all the equipment needed (including relaxing music for the massages) and worked around our schedule for the day.  All the girls came out smiling and I would definitely recommend them!”

Emily Hen Party in Exeter

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